Basic Dental Emergency Kit


  1. Inj. Adrenaline (1)
  2. Inj. Avil (1)
  3. Tab. Sorbitrate ( Sunlingual)(1)
  4. Inhaler + Salbutamol (1)
  5. Tab. Aspirin (1)
  6. Glucose (1)
  7. Oxygen Can 6L (1)
  8. Inj. Tetanus (1)
  9. Aromatic Ammonia (30 ml)
  10. Tab. Ethamsylate (1)
  11. Bandages
  12. Savlon (100ml)
  13. Thermometer (1)
  14. Examination Gloves Nitrile (2 pairs)
  15. Tab Prednisolone (1)
  16. Medication Box
  17. Drug Expiary Checklist
  18. Disclamier Page (1)
  19. AaRnA’s Dental Emergency Placard

Standard Dental Emergency Kit

Content :

  1. Basic Emergency kit+
  2. Ambu Bag (1)
  3. Oxygen Mask (1)
  4. Stethoscope (1)
  5. Inj. Atropin (1)
  6. Inj. Deriphyllin (1)
  7. Tab Vit C. (15)
  8. IV set Cannula, Scalp vein set (1)
  9. Syringes 2ml (2)
  10. Syringes 5ml (2)
  11. Inj. Phenytoin (1)
  12. Micropore Tape (1)
  13. Drug Expiary Check list
  14. (1)
  15. Disclaimer Page (1)
  16. AaRnA’s Dental Emergency Placard

Advanced Dental Emergency Kit

Contents :

  1. Satndard Emergency Kit +
  2. B.P. Appratus (1)
  3. Glucometer (1)
  4.  Glucometer Strip (25)
  5. Lancets (10)
  6. CPR Pocket Mask (1)
  7. Drug Expiray Check List (1)
  8. Disclaimer page (1)
  9. Study Material Booklet(1)
  10. Emergency  Chart(1)
  11. AaRnA’s Dental Emergency Placard


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