Bad Breath

Most people are not aware whether they have bad breath or not. Do you have been told that you have bad breath . if yes, ask your dentist if he or she can help you to identify the cause of bad breath.

Yes I Have Bad Breath ! How can i get rid of my bad breath?

Bad breath is usually due to poor oral condition or hygeine. But their are also some other reason for bad breath. You dentist may be able to find the exact cause of bad breath and may suggest the exact treatment plan for you bad breath. The most common reason of bad breath are :


Some  spices and food like Garlic, onion and alcohol contribute to breath odour.  The food containing these , when you eat is absorbed into your blood stream and is transfered to your lungs. Your lung process the air at this time their is exchange of air in lung which comes out of your mouth during breathing cycle . Brushing , flossing and mouth wash are only temporary solutions in this case.The odour will continue untill the body completely eleminates the food remaining inside the body.

Occassional Brushing & Flossing:

Neglecting daily brushing and flossing causes food particles to remain in your mouth, facillitating the bacteria to grow and enhencing decaying of tooth which also expels foul air due to degradation of food inside mouth. This also cause bad breath. Food particles typically collect between your teeth and on your tounge and arround your gums. This food rots and expels foul air causing bad breath.

Dry Mouth( Xerostomia):

Dry  mouth is a condition of mouth caused by ageing or any disease resulting in damage to salaviry glands or bad oral habbits like use of tobacco, which result in reduced salivary production. Dry mouth occurs when the production of saliva is decreases for any reason in your mouth. Most people are unaware that saliva actually cleans the mouth and remove food particles and bacterial  that causes bad odour or tooth decay.

Other reason of dry mouth may include taking medication  , problems in salivary gland or breathing through the mouth. Ask your dentist If you are unsure that you suffer from dry mouth. Your dentist may suggest various alternative including artificial salivary supplement, using sugarless candy or by increasing your fluid intake.

Use of tobacco: 

Not only can cause bad breath , but it may also harm your maouth and body in multiple ways including increased chances of having oral cancer. Ask your dentist for tips to cease the completly use of tobacco. Tobacco remain attached to tooth serface many years and harbours bacteria to grow and damages the gingival tissue resulting in mobility and bad breath.

Medical disorders: Bad breath may also be caused by a local infection of respiratory tract, post nasal drip, chronic sinusitis, chronic brochitis, diabetes , gastro-intestinal disturbances , live or kidney Infections. If your dentist determines that your mouth is healthy, he/she may refer you to a specialist to further investigate the cause of bad breath.

Shedule Regular Dental Visits for professional cleaning and checkup.

Also Brush twice a day with fluoride paste to remove food debris and plaque specially before bed time at night. Do not forget to floss your teeth and finally brush your tounge. Floss twice a day to clean the plaque which start settleing down from inter dental spaces to rest of tooth surface. 

Truth about mouth wash:

Most of mouth wash marketed  these day act as mouth freshner. they are nothing to do with oral hygein or killing bacteria that is causing bad breath . They just hide the bad odour comimg through your mouth. As soon as they are depleted you start felling bad breath again. If you are using a breath freshener regularly to hide unpleasent odour of your mouth , immediatly talk to your dentist. He/she may recommand you to use of medicated mouth wash to prevent tooth decay and decrease in plaque buildup and thus decreasing the bad breath for longer period. 


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