Dental cap also known as dental crown is a fixed  prosthesis that cover the upper part (visible part  of tooth in the mouth ) of a natural tooth. Dental crowns is one of the most common prosthesis to protect the tooth from fracture after root canal treatment or as a replacement of large fillings. The cap is a replica of that specific tooth in design, which is begin replaced to restore the shape of that tooth in size, appearance to improves the strength of the tooth. Cap is mandatory after root canal treatment and in cases of large fillings where filling area is larger then remaining tooth structure.  Whether you need a cap or not your dentist can best judge for this.

            Dental Bridges are a seriese of caps lined up in a definte manner to full fill their use. Dental bridges are used to replace a missing tooth or for multiple tooth restorations ( Full Mouth Rehabilitation )or in cases of bruxism. For more information ask your dentist.


            Do you really need a cap or bridge ?  Your dentist can be the better judge. Some of the common reasons for capping are listed here :

  • A large tooth decay involving one or two walls of the tooth which cannot be treated with a filling .
  • A severely cracked or fractured tooth, which needs extra support to stay together and to restore its shap for esthetic and chewing purpose.
  • After root canal treatment.
  • To fill the interdental gaps due to gum recession or body defects or mild spacing present in between the teeths.
  • To cover a dental implant.
  • Cosmetic reasons, when a tooth is severely discolored, misshaped whether genetic or habitual.

          Some of the common reasons for Bridging are listed here :

  • Missing single or multiple teeth over natural tooth or Implant.
  • To restore the occlusal height for better look and to increase chewing efficiency.
  • Excessively worn out teeth to half of its original heights (Due to tooth grinding (Bruxism) or acid reflex, acidic diet)
  • For the correction of malocclusion when patient is not willing for orthodontic treatment( Braces).
  • Accidental Fracture of single or multiple teeth.
  • For Esthetic Purpose

Benefits of Dental Crowns & Bridges:

  • Quick, cheap and fixed procedure to get fixed missing tooth replacement by experts.
  • Suitable for all age of patients with good condition of adjacent tooth.
  • All most natural appearance ( Depends upon the type of crown or bridges you wear).
  • Improves chewing efficiency and improves looks.
  • Prevent the teeth from drifting from its original position near missing tooth.
  • Less invasive and cheaper than the dental implants.
  • As the dental bridges are fixed, you don’t need worry about its cleaning.


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Cap or Bridges can be made different types of materials. They very in their quality of metal and ceramic used to manufacture them :

Basically 3 types of caps are present :
Metal caps :  They are made of nickle metal only. They are strong ,resistant to wear force, fracture and corrosion resistant.  The only drawback they carry is their look. They look like stainless steel and shine like them so they can’t be used for front teeth.

PFM Caps : They are made of porcelain fused with metal. In these caps The core is made of nickle metal to provide the strength to the cap and then they are coated with porcelain or ceramic for aesthetic reasons. They look like very similer to your adjacent tooth and are not easily distinguishable from adjoining teeth. Only drawback they carry that over the period of time gums shrink at the borders leaving black gingiva.

Full Ceramic Crowns : These are latest materials which shows excellent strength and awesome aesthetics. They are completely free of metal and are long lasting and also gingival friendly so no gaps appears even after several years or color change in gums occurs.