When it comes to taking care of your Dental Health, there are plenty of misconceptions out there. We must realize that the wrong practices or ignorance can cause irreversible permanent damage to your teeth. That’s both expensive and painful too.

Everything you hear from neighbors, friends or relative is not true. You must cross check them with your doctor or dentist too. Because they are more educated about the reasons and symptoms of disease then your friends or family members.

Here’s some facts what you need to know.

Myth -1 :  If nothing is bothering me, why should I go for a dental checkup? Dentist will create one. 

Answer : This is one of the biggest misconception. Most of the times you don’t feel any pain right away. But it does’t mean there is no problem or your teeth are in perfect condition.  After your oral examination yours dentist can explain you and educate you that in initial phases cavities and gum diseases you don’t have any symptoms but over a period of time of negligence they become more sever and symptomatic. But when they exhibit their symptoms they end up with Root Canal Treatment or periodontal surgeries some times bone grafting also required to save your teeth. That could have been prevented with regular checkups and minor procedures like fillings and cleaning. Only a dentist can find them in a very early stages. He can identify them , inform you about severity of situation and suggest to to avoid them to grow further or cure them. Remember “Prevention is Better Then Cure”

Myth- 2 : The harder you brush, the cleaner your teeth will be.

Answer : You are not indestructible and same is true for your tooth. Even Worlds hardest material DIAMOND can be cut. Brushing too hard  can actually harm your teeth by eroding some of the hard covering of your tooth(enamel). Enamel is the hardest material in your body that protects inner soft part of the tooth(Dentin) and pulp(The living part of your tooth). Enamel protects the inside of the tooth from cavities, temperature changes and trauma. No doubt , your teeth appears whiter doing hard brushing but that is at the cost of loss of enamel. Thinner the Enamel gets tooth become more sensitive to temperature & chemicals and pron to bacterial attacks and cavities. So hard brushing gives less but takes more.

Myth-3: Flossing isn’t really necessary anymore.

Answer : Flossing is the only way to clean your Small inter-dental spaces where no Brush can reach. Do a good brushing and mouth wash and then do a gentle flossing you can retrieve so much food particles struck in between your teeth. In most of my cases Caries start inter-dentally then occlusaly or bucaly. So i always prefer to tell them to use floss after each meal. Because I believes that its the food stucked  inter-dentally which results in cavities. So always carry a floss specially if you are a non-vegetarian. And do the flossing whenever you take your meal.

Myth-4 : Chewing sugar-free gum is just as good as brushing.

Answer:  If only this were true, kids everywhere will love to chewing gum rather then doing brushing. Chewing sugar-free gum, can have a protective effect on the teeth but cant replace brushing. Chewing gum encourages saliva production. Food is for your stomach not for your teeth. Mouth is full of bacteria’s. whenever food get stuck in between teeth bacteria start degrading it. Degradation of food causes acid. Chewing sugar free gum only increases saliva production that washes Acid produced by degrading food. But to remove large particles of food you need to brush. Brushing also removes daily plaque formation over tooth surface that cant be removed by Chewing gum or flushing with water only.

Myth-5 : If your gums bleed when you floss, it’s best to leave them alone.

Answer : Their are two reasons behind Gum bleeding either it physical injury to gums during flossing or Gums are inflamed.  Usually food  get stuck in between our teeth where toothbrush bristles don’t reach properly. Over time the bacteria builds up and irritates gums that causes  gums to become inflamed. Inflamed gums are highly vascular structure that bleeds even on touching or pressing the gums. Bleeding is part of that process. Bleeding gums is a sign of infection present in your moth. Healthy gums never bleeds on brushing or flossing.

Myth-6: Only sugar causes cavity.

Answer : 99% patients ask me that they don’t take too much sweets or sugar products then why their teeth have caries. Actually its not the sugar its the food that get struck in teeth. No matter what you eat it get struck in teeth it will start decaying and result in dental cavities. Any sticky food  like crackers or chips they are the worst enemy of your teeth not sweets. I myself eat too much sweets and don’t tell others to leave sweets. But rinse you mouth vigorously or brush if necessary to remove the left over sweet in mouth. Sweets are just Sweet don’t leave them.

Myth-7: Sensitive teeth, it means you have worn away too much of the enamel of your teeth.

Answer : Sensitivity is not a key symptom of the loss of enamel, the hard protective layer on the outside of your teeth. It also can be caused by other factors as well, such as gum recession, or even the use of whitening toothpastes. Most of the times it is the use of hard brushing over your teeth and gum line which results into shrinking of gums from tooth surface. Bleaching also causes irreversible damage to enamel . Hydrogen peroxide present in all bleaching agents penetrates through enamel and exposes inner dentin layer to outer environment. Resulting in sensitivity. Initial Dental caries also causes sever sensitivity.
So if you feel sensitivity in your teeth Rush to your dentist to find the main cUse of the problem and his advise to prevent it. Don’t rely on home remedies it could worse the situation.

Myth -8: Removal to tooth cause loss of sight.

Answer : There is no relationship of eyes with your teeth. If it would have been Dental and ENT doctors must be one . Dental and Eyes have nothing common. They have absolutely different blood supply and nerve supply. So be relax removal of tooth will never cause loss of sight..