Wisdom Tooth Pain

Wisdom Tooth Pain

                     Humans have 32 Teeth dentition including 4 wisdom teeth. It is quite rare to see someone with 32 teeth in his/her mouth because most of the time wisdom molars fails to erupt or erupt partially in the mouth. A Wisdom Tooth or a third molar tooth is one of the three molars tooth in each quadrant of our mouth. It is the most posterior tooth in the arch residing after Ist & IInd molar tooth.

                    The age at which wisdom tooth comes or erupt in the mouth is variable. Generally it’s eruption time is 17-22 year. If the growth of jaws and teeth are normal, it erupt in the same line as other molars tooth erupt and do not causes any problem. But If the growth of jaw is not proper, it fail to erupt fully or partially or erupt at different angle to rest of molars causing several problems. Third molars are the last tooth to erupt in mouth and they are vestigial too.

Wisdom tooth Impaction :

                   If wisdom molars erupt in normal position and erupt completely no treatment is required generally. But if they fails to erupt or are misplaced in their position they should be removed to save the other teeth and other problems accompanying wisdom molar.
Tooth which fails to erupt in the oral cavity fully, they are call Impacted. If they partially erupted and partially embeded inside the bone then they are called Semi-Impacted.

Types of  Wisdom Molar impaction :

Picturs Shows the basic types of impaction. Their may also be some different types which varies from person to person.

Wisdom Molar -Remove it or not :

            If Wisdom molar are fully erupted and are asymptomatic usually no treatment is required.

           But if they are symptomatic or Impacted they are advised to get them removed as soon as possible. Impacted wisdom teeth are like “Sleeping Bombs”. Nobody Knows when then are gonna blow or not. But this is sure they are definetly gonna blow. Hence the dentist’s suggest to get them removed from your mouth as soon as possible before they blow or causes any problem or damage to nearby teeth.

Causes For Removal Of Wisdom Molar:

       1. Semi-Impacted wisdom Molar :   Wisdom molar are generally not fuly erupted. They erupt at an angle to the second molar tooth and form a pocket for food accumulation. Even after brushing and flossing twice daily you will not be able to clean that pocket. Accumulated food constantly decays and form acid which destroys enamel surface of both adjacent teeth. Slowly, Both the tooth got caries and require treatment. Hence to save the second molar from decay and further treatments like RCT, Caping or fillings, wisdom molar should be removed as soon as you or your dentist find it.

      2.Wisdom Molar Infection : Root canal Treatment for wisdom molar are not very successful treatment modality because of complaxity of root canal structure and the accessability to the tooth with files and air rotors. Hence Most of the dentist recommand it to remove from the arch as the RCT is not a very promising treatment for wisdom molars.

           3. Abnormal pain in Jaws : If you feel regular Or occaisional Pain in your jaws and your dentist find no caries or faracture of jaw in your mouth ask him to check for Impacted wisdom molars. Because this is the characteristic pain of wisdom molar. Most of the time in these cases Impacted wisdom tooth are found the culprits. They push the teeth in the jaw causing such pain.

          4. Crowding of Anterior Teeth : Horizontally and mesially Impacted wisdom tooth are often causes crowding of anterior teeth as they push all teeth from back side which result in anterion tooth crowding. Anterior teeth crowding also result from Impacted wisdom molar but they are not only reason there may also be some structural abnormalities adding to anterior crowding.

          5. Pain In Ear and Temporal Region : Infected or impacted wisdom molars both can cause abnormal pain in ears and temporal regions.

          6. Limited Mouth opening : Some times wisdom molar teeth are severly impacted so that they constantly scrap the mucosa of cheeks causing infection and swelling. Due to Infection and swelling, jaw opening reduces to such extant so that you cant eat even with spoon. This type of infection is common in Semi-Impacted wisdom molars and re-oocurs every 4-6 months untill they are removed or they erupt fully inside the oral cavity.

Side effect of wisdom molar tooth :

As we already said that wisdom molars are vestigial they dont add to your chewing efficiency or decrease them, they are just useless now a day. Neither your chewing efficiency increases with wisdom teeth nor decreases after removal of them. So if you get them removed you are not going to miss them any way.

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